Windows XP, Not supported

WindowXP is Dead

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft ceased to support Windows XP operating system. Many business owners relied on Windows XP as a cheap operating system on which to run their Point of Sale Systems– since Microsoft has ended its support of XP what kind of issues will shopkeepers who haven’t upgraded face?

Looks like some steep risks.

After pulling Windows XP Microsoft, Microsoft released an unexpected up date to the operating system which had been off the market for a month. Users of the operating system became vulnerable to a bug in which computer hackers could gain access to the user’s computer. Microsoft informed that this was its last fix and that it no longer would be patching up for Windows XP. Now, people who have lagged behind, find themselves vulnerable and at risk of having consumer data stolen.

This of course, puts immense strain on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance status. The PCI Data Security Standard is essential for businesses that deal with cardholder information such as credit, debit, mobile wallet, ATM, etc.

The PCI Security Council states that a computer operating on a system that’s no longer supported violates the agreement through the risk of security breaches. This is bad news for retailers who continue to use their POS systems operation on Windows XP and who are no longer meeting PCI compliance. They could be fined as much as $100,000 per month! Also, business owners could end up paying non-compliance fees to their processor if they are unable to meet requirements.

Small business owners might hesitate because first and foremost upgrading a POS System costs money, takes time, and it’s a great task for a small business owner who may think they could not be effected by it. However the risk of becoming targeted for malware and viruses is greater.

So should you buy new hardware?

The answer is, YES!

We here at Alpha Card Services have made it easy for you. Last year we introduced the Alpha Card Services Select Pay POS system. Our POS provides you with affordable, feature-rich POS solutions, without sacrificing quality or service. You’ll have the freedom to select:

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  • Stations- Select from the Standard, Premier and iPad tablet POS packages.

*To qualified buyers

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With constant big name data breeches surfacing business owners are more alert than ever. The down side being that old equipment can seem expensive to replace and new computer hardware can seem dauntless if a store location is running more than one system at a single location. Then there is downtime for transition, installation, and software. But remember, if your business is running Windows XP, your likelihood of suffering a data breach is high. Now is the time to plan accordingly. Luckily we are here to help. To learn more about Alpha Card Services and PCI Compliance click here.

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