Cloud Based POS: Growing and Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business

Cloud computing is not only a buzzword; it is a method of computing that you can use to grow your business. Cloud computing is a form of Internet based computing where shared resources, software, and information is provided to computers and devices on demand. Think of it like an electricity grid, where you get the electricity when you demand it, you don’t have to store it and waste space trying to keep it available and secure. Clouds are getting more secure and more user friendly every day.  And the uses, like other exciting new technologies, are seemingly infinite.

Today we’ll discuss how cloud computing can help you with your point of sale (POS) system. We have discussed POS a little, here and there. But this time we are going to focus on how a cloud based POS system can help your business.  Alpha Card Services offers a cutting edge cloud based system to help you deal with your business POS needs.

Cloud based software is beneficial for many reasons, not the least of which is saving money.  First, there is nothing to install. The software usually runs in a web browser and Internet servers take care of the rest. The cloud will automatically back up your information, making saving files unnecessary (sort of like with Google Documents, but with more than just a typing program). Then the server system secures the information on the cloud and keeps it safe until you need it again. No more back-up server and maintenance costs for your business!

With Alpha POS Systems you can count on the fact that you will always be on the cusp of the latest technology, and that information is in a secure location, even with changes in technology. Not only is it secure against outsiders, but it is held for your benefit, and you can set up the information you need.

So beyond providing basic computer storage; how can cloud computing help? Have you thought about your POS system lately? Think about using cloud based POS for menus, discounts, loyalty programs, and card processing, all without anything more than internet access. The POS system can also run without an active Internet connection, so if you lose access for a time, there is no need to shut down the store or restaurant.

Your typical retail POS can handle a myriad of customer transactions including payment, gift cards, returns, exchanges, coupons, and layaway. The POS system should also help you track inventory, sales, profits (or losses on a slow day) and create more efficient business management. The same capabilities exist in cloud based POS, and again, its saving you money by taking away the need for your business to physically store and back-up the information.

POS in a hospitality business, such as a restaurant or an inn can not only process all necessary payment transactions, but also track sales or menu items, labor and payroll compared to the money coming into the business, and generate records you need for accounting and bookkeeping. POS has revolutionized the restaurant industry in particular; the efficiency of POS systems has decreased service times and noticeably increased efficiency in the kitchen and in the management department. Now consider how the money saving and efficiency building capabilities of cloud based computing can further revolutionize your restaurant, and how it can help your business continue to grow.

Not only does the cloud help the customer get prompt service, but a distance manager can also benefit from the cloud based POS; imagine checking your inventory needs while riding the train to Timbuktu. When you can check up on your business in real time, you will know you can relax and manage your business without micromanaging your business.

The server you choose is important. You need a host who has the bandwidth and the technology available to get your information to you when you need it. To go back to our electricity analogy, you wouldn’t want to experience any rolling blackouts while you are trying to get crucial information for a customer.

If all of this is sounding too good to be true, thank technology. And if all of this is sounding like the way to grow your business and better serve your customers, then give us a call and find out just how easily you can implement a cloud based POS in your business.