Tablet-based POS solutions

POStabletblogimageIf you are a business owner, you have probably realized the days of needing a cash register shackled to one spot as a POS system are over. Thanks to recent technological advances, there are a number of new POS solutions available to your business.

Smaller devices such as phones and tablets have taken over at the point-of-sale. Some mobile devices include credit card scanners in which a customer can physically swipe their means of payment, while newer technology consists of devices using Near-Field-Communication (NFC), which allows a customer to simply tap the device being used in order to make a purchase.  If you want to learn more about NFC technology check out our blog post on the mobile wallet here.

Tablet-based solutions have become a strong trend in the world of POS.  Why do more businesses prefer these new tablet point-of-sale solutions?  Well—they are improving the way businesses function, while increasing sales; and they cost much less.

The biggest appeal to the tablet POS is the mobility it presents. Using a tablet POS allows retail sales associates to roam the store, look up prices, handle returns, and even check out customers wherever they are standing.  This minimizes long lines, wait times, speeds up the transaction process, and ultimately the customer is happier.  Tablet-based POS solutions are even able to recognize and store your businesses reward or loyalty cards, which can greatly enhance your business as well!

Retailers aren’t the only business types utilizing mobile POS systems. The restaurant business is clearly following this trend as well.  Dining establishments are getting on board with tablet-based POS solutions for the same reasons as retailers. The use of tablet POS systems is enhancing guest’s dining experiences and how the back-end of business operates. These tablet POS systems can be placed tableside at each individual table, allowing customers to order, pay their bill, and even play games or trivia directly from the device.

Another advantage of tablet POS solutions is that they allow flexibility in today’s demanding business world.  Thanks to cloud-based technology, business owners can manage their operations on-the-go because they’ll have access to critical analytics and sales data at their fingertips. Cloud-based technology also improves the speed in which businesses can access help desks with troubleshooting issues from remote locations.

At Alpha Card Services, we can offer your business a number of intuitive and comprehensive POS solutions.  We have developed POS solutions for restaurant, retail, and salon applications. Our POS systems are easy-to-use, and most importantly reliable. We understand that owning and operating a successful business is a 24/7 process, and you need to depend on a system that can help you efficiently manage it all.

Keep a lookout for more information regarding our next generation tablet POS solution that will be launching soon. In the meantime, please keep yourself connected by visiting the Alpha Card website and following us on Facebook and Twitter!


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